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Perfect pampering gift for everyone this Happy CNY!

Claire Organics CNY Gift Guide

Claire Soother Healing Balm Lavender Essential OilHere comes Claire's Best Seller!
"i love yr stuff!!! Though it's healing that's award winning, my personal favs are patchouli, rose hip oil and cocoa. I've used tins of happy bum for my kiddos. Just bought mulberry and yummy lips for the first time just now. Hope u have more products in the future 😘
It was just before raya this yr that i bought cocoa coz there was a promotion so i added that on top of happy bum n healing. Didn't know what to use it for until just 2 days before raya n my skin was extremely dry. Fixed it after 2 applications."
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"我本身是超級敏感的皮膚!平時皮膚會痕癢 紅腫 就算用了很多大牌子的抗敏洗臉霜都不會好 看了皮膚專科 皮膚也是反反复复 不會斷根

之後大姐介紹了我用 Claire 的肥皂 雖然是肥皂 但是用了完全不會乾 而且皮膚完全不會癢了! 而且和起泡網一起用很衛生 掛著風乾 泡泡也很好出 省用 價格也負擔得起 我用 for eczema 的是 RM35 一塊 😚😚😚😚
皮膚第一次可以醬 stable 真的很興奮 所以想分享給其他跟我一樣敏感性皮膚的人"
"Rosehip oil is my moisturiser and makeup base now. I have forego my usual moisturiser n primer. Coz i pray 5 times a day, each time after taking ablution i apply. Somehow just works for everything.
Patchouli surprisingly reduces scars and works for my kids who have eczema.
Healing I used specifically for pimples during that time of d month. Hehe.. tua tua also got pimple still. takes 48-72 hours to settle.
wah longest testimonial i have given for any brand 😜"
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