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  • Claire Organics - @zahilahfilzah


    "Rosehip Face & Body Oil is my moisturiser and makeup base now. I have forego my usual moisturiser and primer. Because i pray 5 times a day, each time after taking ablution, i apply the oil. Somehow just works for everything. Patchouli Soap surprisingly reduces scars and works for my kids who have eczema. Soother Healing Balm I used specifically for pimples during that time of the month. Hehe.. tua tua also got pimple still. Takes 48-72 hours to settle.”

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  • Claire Organics - @Julia Wong

    @Julia Wong

    “Thank you Louise, the founder of Claire Organics produces such great products with love & passion. Your Luxurious Rosehip Face/Body Oil and Argan Oil have done tremendous improvement to my body. I am so amazed with the result in just a month using them. I will never go back to those branded products that I’ve been using for years & the results were not at all close to yours. Keep producing more great products and most importantly keep up the quality!”

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  • Claire Organics - @wendy


    "Bought the amazing Soother Healing Balm. Soother worked for my son, thank you Just sharing, son"s finger tips completely healed Hubby has a nasty insect bite some weeks back but only tried the cream 2 days back. It dried up so quickly."

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  • Claire Organics - @恩林


    "我本身是超級敏感的皮膚! 平時皮膚會 痕癢, 紅腫. 就算用了很多大牌子的 抗敏洗臉霜都不會好, 看了皮膚專科, 皮膚也是反反复复, 不會斷根. 之後大姐介紹了我用 Claire 的 Mother’s Milk Soap 肥皂, 雖然是肥皂, 但是用了 完全不會乾, 而且皮膚完全不會癢了! 皮膚第一次可以醬 stable 真的很興奮, 所以想分享給其他跟我一樣 敏感性皮膚的人."

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  • Claire Organics - @Inang Jamili

    @Inang Jamili

    "Let me start of by stating that I have dry and dehydrated skin. On top of that, my skin gets easily congested and irritated when I use heavy and dense products to fight of my dry skin. Therefor, I have been using rosehip oil from a different brand for over 2 years as I find applying rosehip oil helps. However, though it has helped calm and hydrate my skin a little, the result does not last. So through some research I found Claire Organics and had drop them a message asking for some recommendations for my skin woes. The feedback was fast and they were helpful. I got interested. So when I saw their booth in OU yesterday, I decided to take the plunge and purchase a bottle of the Luxurious Rosehip face/ body oil.Though I am pretty familiar of what adding a rosehip oil into my skincare routine can do, I must say I am pleasantly surprise. My skin feels super soft and super hydrated in the morning. Best of all, not a single sign of irritation!!! The scent is just heavenly and very relaxing. Even after only 1 application I know this oil is gonna stay permanent in my arsenal of skincare products. I just wanted to say bravo and thank you for creating this product. I am also looking forward to try other products from this brand soon."

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