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@adelinegooi (Eczema) Your products really helped me live better with eczema, thank you so much

@eleanor_lhm (Lip Balm & Soother Healing Balm) Love the lip balm and Soother Healing Balm. Soother really help soothes my acne, makes them cure faster

@ktt20 (Yummy Lips) Best lip balm ever

@jowsf (Lip Balm) Have been using your lip balms for years. My best overnight lip balms that keep he moisture locked.

@svp89 (Soother Healing Balm) Thanks for making such good products. This is he only balm that helps my psoriasis.

@klyene (Soother Healing Balm) Just bought it at Sunway Velocity. Love it! Very helpful!

Fify (Rosehip seed oil) I bought mine June 2017 last year and Im in love with it. the bottle is handy and worth the money. I’ve seen my skin improve and hair improve, though the process takes time. It is worth it.

@Kai Li Loh (Sunscreen) I love your sunscreen product and in my opinion, it’s one of the best sunscreens I’ve ever used. It’s not sticky, smells absolutely lovely and is quickly absorbed into my skin. It’s perfect for my daily use.

@Cindy Gomez (Protector Bug Off) Bug off is so handy as it is travel sized and keeps the nasty blood sucking mosquitoes away. Love it. The scent is pleasant too.

@dyanaomenkk (Soother Healing Balm & patchouli) Hi! I just bought the patchoulli soap bar and Soother Healing Balm last few days. It works wonder on my skin!🎉

@ikaeeks (Soother Healing Balm) Go-to zit buster! My ride or die! Have been using this for almost 3 yrs now. No other pimple cream can zap my pimples like this!!

@sarah Goh (Rosehips body oil) Btw its really good for scar 1 week its drying up the burnt, 2 weeks scar lighten. Hopefully another week back to normal 😊

@lefterpenner (Snowy Cocoa) Honestly your formula is amazing. It absorbs so well! Nothing in the same price range can compare. I tried your tip, applying before bed, and the next day I didn't have to reapply my lip gloss or anything during work hours. 5/5 stars 👍👍👍 definitely gonna recommend this to my sisters and friends haha.

@huangailingg (Anti-Acne Facial Scrub) Hi, I just wanted to update you, I’ve been using your anti acne/brightening charcoal bar soap for about 3 days now and my acne has really improved. My skin condition has been really bad for the past month and after I used the soap, my acne has really reduced in size 😊

Fity Susanty (Soother Healing Balm) Since I used healing balm for acne and it works! So I want to gve it to my sster for a try 😄

Elaine Siow (Rosehip Oil) Hi there! I received the parcel already and had tried it out yesterday night! The rosehips oil is amazing! I have extremely dry skin on my upper feet after surgery because of the dressing and medication, the oil ease me from it! 😊

VIA VIA 亲,前天去买yummy lips, lavender scrub, rose hips scrub. 昨天就用了, 很棒的效果! 最明显的就是我的脚,因为我脚有爆裂、我昨天泡了15分钟现在好很多了 。是非常非常多!比我搽一个星期的lotion还更好。

WENDY (Soother Healing Balm) Bought the amazing Soother Healing Balm. Soother worked for my son, thank you Just sharing, son"s finger tips completely healed Hubby has a nasty insect bite some weeks back but only tried the cream 2 days back. It dried up so quickly.

CHING CHOU KUIK (Soother Healing Balm) 我目前定居在台灣,前不久我姊姊有送我 Soother Healing Balm,讓我覺得非常驚艷!用了許多產品,目前只有 Soother Healing Balm 可以讓我困擾多時的問題得到舒緩,希望我手上這罐用完後還可以繼續使用!

Catherine Faith T : Claire Organics is definitely one of a kind. Superlove their Luscious Cocoa Body Balm and Yummy Lips Intensive because they're among the best moisturizers leaving my skin more soft and fulsome. Claire's Anti-Acne Organic Pumpkin Seed has an amazing cleansing effects because it took away my once "acne skin" leaving it more brightened and smooth. Would definitely come back for more.

Zuzanna Chmielewska (Protector) I really loved the products, especially the anti-mosquito one! I tested it while in the Rainforest Music Festival and it worked brilliantly!

MICHELLE LIM (Lip Balm) Hello, I've used both the lip balm (lip therapy & shea butter) one and it works really well for me. It seems like it's the only thing that work for my lips. Trust me, I've tried various things, from Lucas Papaw to Vaseline and Avene, nothing works. I guess natural & handmade products are the best.

INANG JAMILI : Let me start of by stating that I have dry and dehydrated skin. On top of that, my skin gets easily congested and irritated when I use heavy and dense products to fight of my dry skin. Therefor, I have been using rosehip oil from a different brand for over 2 years as I find applying rosehip oil helps. However, though it has helped calm and hydrate my skin a little, the result does not last. So through some research I found Claire Organics and had drop them a message asking for some recommendations for my skin woes. The feedback was fast and they were helpful. I got interested. So when I saw their booth in OU yesterday, I decided to take the plunge and purchase a bottle of the Luxurious Rosehip face/ body oil.Though I am pretty familiar of what adding a rosehip oil into my skincare routine can do, I must say I am pleasantly surprise. My skin feels super soft and super hydrated in the morning. Best of all, not a single sign of irritation!!! The scent is just heavenly and very relaxing. Even after only 1 application I know this oil is gonna stay permanent in my arsenal of skincare products. I just wanted to say bravo and thank you for creating this product. I am also looking forward to try other products from this brand soon.

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