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Sunscreen Face/Body Cream

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Sunscreen Face/Body Cream 

UV PROTECTION 有效及温和对抗紫外线

Zinc oxide filter out UV rays, keeping them from penetrating the skin and causing cell damage, reduce skin cancer risk.

SKIN HEALING 提供肌肤的天然疗效-晒伤、干裂、脱皮

Zinc Oxide can be used to heal wounds, reduce the tenderness associated with sunburns and soften chapped skin. When zinc oxide is applied to the wound area, it provides the body with the extra zinc it needs to repair skin cells. Zinc oxide helps keep the wound area moist and clean.

ASTRINGENT 天然控油、舒缓发炎、帮助减少暗疮

Apply zinc oxide to keep excess oils from forming on the surface. It is sometimes used as an acne treatment -- it is believed to reduce the appearance of blemishes and reduce skin irritation and inflammation, reducing the number and severity of acne breakouts.

**100% Free from the harmful chemicals (paraben, cinnamate, benzophenone, and a camphor derivative etc) that kils the beautiful coral 

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• How to use our artisan natural handmade Sunscreen Lotion Balm effectively: http://goo.gl/9yIcmO

• How do those chemicals affect coral & the environment: http://goo.gl/tVg5il

Ingredients: Golden Jojoba Oil, Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Zinc Oxide, Plant-based Emulsifying Wax, Essential Oil Blend and Love

Best for application before heading out for the day • All Skin Type
50ml (+/- 5ml)
Each batch is freshly made with only Natural Ingredients and carefully hand packed to ensure the quality of products

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