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Virgin Rose Hips Seed Oil

RM 69.00

Virgin Rose Hips Seed Oil 


100% Pure Carrier Oil

ISO Certified

Fully imported from Australia


The antioxidants anti-aging benefit like vitamin C & Vitamin A stimulate collagen production, improves the skin's moisture level and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The essential fatty acids in rose hip seed oil help reduce scarring and promote skin regeneration and improve skin texture and tone.


Apply the oil directly to the face using gentle, massaging motions or use in skin care recipes. Apply the oil twice a day and allow it to absorb into the skin. While it can prevent and reduce acne scars, it shouldn't be applied directly to active acne.


For normal skin:

10 drops essential oil per 20 ml carrier oil

For sensitive skin & for use during pregnancy:

5 drops essential oil per 20 ml carrier oil

For very sensitive skin, children & babies:

Use just 1 drop essential oil per 10 ml carrier oil

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