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Perfect pampering gift for everyone this Happy CNY!
Special feature: Flower & Herb fusion 草本吧

Bring someone Happiness this New Year!

In this Gift Set:
• Lavender & Apple Flower Tea by Flower & Herb fusion 草本吧 
• Hawthorn Honeysuckle Flower Tea by Flower & Herb fusion 草本吧 
• Osmanthus & Chrysanthemum Tea by Flower & Herb fusion 草本吧 

• Soother Healing Balm

• Lavender Body Scrub

• Wooden Spatula (Free!)

• CNY Gift Wrap (Free!)

Claire x Flower & Herb Infusion

Sooting & Blood Nourishing +补血明目、缓解郁闷、缓解压力
- 12茶包/盒
- 轻巧包装容易携带
- 与他人分享的好时光
- 手工调配独特口味
- 安心饮用的风味
- 不含防腐剂及任何添加物
- 真空包装

Osmanthus & Chrysanthemum 桂花菊花
清热解毒 Reduce Inflammation & Heat
- 清热解毒 Anti-inflammation Capacity
- 止咳化痰 Relieving Cough & Reducing Sputum
- 明目 Aid Eyesight

Lavender & Apple Flower 薰衣草苹果花茶
养血安神 Nourishing Blood & Tranquilization
- 纾解压力 Relieves Stress & Depression
- 改善睡眠 Improbing Insomnia
- 补血 Tonifying Blood

Hawthorn Honeysuckle 山楂金银花
清肝排毒 Conditioning Liver & Detoxification
- 排毒 Detoxification
- 保护肝脏 To Help Protect Liver
- 减低胆固醇 Reduce Cholesterol


Our community Project supporting local conscious products and join forces with home-grown entrepreneurs for the good cause. Part from our sales will be donated to the less fortunate. 在這個充滿春节气息的节日里,我们配合其他手工产品为大家准备一系列的好福气礼盒礼篮,一部分的销售额将会捐献给慈善机构。齐来欢庆,送福,惜福,接福!

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