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“  Great product! He Shou Wu bar soap helps with my dry scalp/dandruff / hair loss issues.  ” - Rafi

with HE SHOU WU, Burdock & Rosemary
Revitalise Hair Growth, Anti-Dandruff

English translation of He Shou Wu (Chinese Knotweed) is “Black-haired Mr. He". Traditionally used for restoring gray hair to its original colour. Hair care products containing this herb are formulated specially for treating hair loss too.

Burdock Root contains a large number of beneficial constituents including mucilage, tannins, inulin, vitamin A and essential fatty acids, all of which have a number of possible benefits, including helping nourish hair and skin, reducing cholesterol and adding fiber to the diet. It can also help strengthen hair by nourishing the scalp due to its vitamin A content and essential fatty acids. It may also reduce the symptoms of scalp conditions including dandruff, itchy scalp, redness and scalp infection.

Rosemary helps fighting against premature graying and can gradually darken existing gray hair. It is beneficial for dry, flaky scalps, and as such is a great remedy for dandruff. Rosemary Oil is most notably used for stimulating hair follicles and consequently improving hair growth.

Ingredients: Organic Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Camelia Oil, Castor Oil, Palm Oil, 何首乌(Chinese Knotweed) He Shou Wu, 牛蒡 Burdock Root, Rosemary, Sodium Hydroxide, Essential Oil Blend and Love

Best for face & body • Normal to oily hair
100g (+/- 10g)

* Against animal testing. Each bar is manually cut and carefully cured for 45 days. Superfatted 5% with Sweet Almond Oil (Superfatting makes a rich emollient soap: moisturizing, soothing, softening)


Hair Care Routine

Pre-wash: Scalp treatment

Treats dandruff, hair loss or problem scalp

(2 times a week)

- Massage scalp with Lavender Rosemary hair treatment oil and leave in for 5-10 mins

- Cleanse hair and scalp with Hair Care soap (best to use with Bubbly Hair Pouch to lather extra bubbles, then use the foams to cleanse the hair and scalp)

- Blow dry hair and scalp completely with hair dryer (medium heat with medium speed) within half an hour (leaving scalp wet in any longer time will cause scalp to produce excessive oil)

Post-wash: leave-on conditioner 

Treats split ends, dried hair, tangled hair, frizzy hair 

(Use each time after hair wash)

- Apply Lavender Rosemary Hair Treatment Oil during the drying process on the bottom half of hair to treat split ends/ detangle or to tame frizzy hair. Always start with 1 pump (usually sufficient to avoid excessive oil) and add on if desired or for longer length


What to expect with this Hair Care product?

Patience is the key when comes to switching your hair care from commercial to natural. There is often a “detox” period where you hair may feel stiff, dangling, sticky, oily, heavy, or dry. The myriad of synthetic products that are so often in our commercial shampoos and conditioners artificially coat the hair with plastic or protein polymers to make it look and feel undamaged. The more damaged the hair, the more porous it becomes; the more porous the hair, the more it absorbs these synthetic “protein” polymers (e.g. soy, wheat or oat proteins – that are NOT edible foods), plastic polymers such as PVP (petrochemical polyvinyl pyrrolidone) and gum coating agents.

Until the residues of protein and plastic polymers have been completely removed your hair will take some time to heal from all the chemicals… leaving it feeling a little less than “ideal.” But if you’re patient, the end result is worth the wait! As new hair grows in to replace old damaged hair, you’ll probably be amazed at the difference. Then again, for some with very chemically damaged hair, they may not like the way their hair feels after the detox, because this all-natural Hair Care Soap contains none of the vinyl or protein plastic polymers to coat their hair to make it feel or look undamaged.

Now enjoy your luxurious & healthy hair!

Happy customer,

Rafi says,

“  Great product! He Shou Wu bar soap helps with my dry scalp/dandruff / hair loss issues.  ”

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