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 “Great products! 
... I just would like to thank the founder and the entire team for coming up with this product. I initially bought the Soother Balm and Yummy Lips as a treatment for my lips. For the past 1 year, I was struggling with cold sores around my lips like quite severely. Despite all the modern medicine, I must say Yummy Lips restored my whole broken heart. The cold sores reduced in recurrence like so much. My lips are much healthier. Now I'm using Patchouli Soap for my face and body. It brings so many differences to my skin as well. The Soother Balm help to reduce my mosquitoes bite. Thanks once again!”
- Margaret

Natural Care for

Say goodbye to itchiness
Your perfect Sensitive Skin Soother is here! ☘
💧Here’s your go-to routine for soothing Sensitive Skin: 

(save RM51)

Step 1 

Daily Cleansing/ Bath 
• Patchouli Soap  

Step 2 
Apply as Toner, for natural hydrating and balancing.
Anti-Acne, Whitening and Soothes Sensitivity.
• Chamomile Face/Body Mist 

Step 3 
Apply in the morning as day cream. 2in1 daily moisturiser with 25 spf UV protection. Anti-Acne, Anti-Allergy. Best for sensitive or normal skin
• Sunscreen Face/Body Cream 

Step 4 
Apply on affected area 3-6 times a day
Soothe itchiness and sensitivity (stop scratching!) 
• Soother Balm 

Step 5 
Apply as night cream before bedtime/ apply on dry skin after bath 
(when your skin gets too dry, it can easily become scaly, rough or tight, itchy, which can lead to an sensitive flare up) 
• Luxurious Rosehip Face & Body Oil 

Step 6 
For allergic lips! 
Daytime: Apply every hour to protect lips from dryness
Night time: Apply a thick layer before bedtime to soothe sensitive lips condition 

• Yummy Lips 

Suitable for children / anyone with non-skincare purpose
(save RM17)

Step 1 
Daily Bath 
• Patchouli Soap  

Step 2 
Apply on affected area 3-6 times a day
Soothe itchiness and sensitivity (stop scratching!) 
• Soother Balm 

Step 3 
Apply as lotion before bedtime/ apply on dry skin after bath 
(when your skin gets too dry, it can easily become scaly, rough or tight, itchy, which can lead to an sensitive flare up) 
Luxurious Rosehip Face & Body Oil 

Happy Customer,

☀Betty says:

“ My honest review here after using Claire Organics for a week. Bought a few products online I can’t believe these wonderful product did so much amazing job to my whole body! 

Yummy Lips balm and Soother cured my recurring allergic lips that I’ve been monitoring for 4 months and couldn’t find the root cause of it nothing helps beside applying steroid cream to get rid of the inflammation and itchiness. My skin around my lips my chin my nose gradually became so dry so rough and peeling so badly. I was feeling awfully helpless until I met Claire Organics. I was so happy jumping in joy!! Results were seen within 24 hours. Trust me when I say 24 hours!! Everyday it just got better and better and less sensitive now. Honestly, I was about to give up on my allergy and visit Dr XX skin. 😭 Can’t believe this is happening REALLY amazed how these product does so much wonder to my skin!! 😊🥰 ”

Shuwei says:

“ I bought Yummy Lips lip treatment, Patchouli Soap and Soother Balm for my eczema issue. I had very terrible lip eczema. It keeps coming back once in awhile. so far tried all for a day, it helps to calm down the eczema. All products so natural and smell good.  ”

Jackie says,

“  Can't say enough good things about this Rosehip Oil.  I've always had clear, but dry skin. This product has miraculously made it clearer & supple (!!), something that I haven't felt since my late 20s - early 30s. I noticed the effect after a few weeks & so did a few of my friends who promptly ordered theirs online. Surprisingly, it doesn't clog pores & my oily t-zone isn't oily anymore. The scars I got from a severe bout of eczema are also almost gone. Am most grateful for this product.  ”

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